We are pleased to announce that we are now able to offer our current range of Sports Scale and Scale designs pre-built. The new pre-built versions of our models, manufactured to our specification are as near as is practical to our kit designs and utilise the same materials and techniques wherever possible.
A huge amount of time, effort and resource has gone into this project over the last three years, investigating and visiting many Far Eastern manufacturing facilities and working with several to setup trial production before settling with our current well established factory.
Laser cut from our CAD files, using the same European wood as our kits which we have shipped to the factory, they are hand crafted and beautifully covered in Profilm, again to our specification, and are supplied complete with scale decals, applied where appropriate, epoxy glass parts, completed, painted ready to use, and high quality European hardware. See the Sports Scale and Scale pages for more info and prices. Download additional Pre-built manual notes PDF.
Sports Scale CAP232 Sports Scale Extra 330S
30% CAP232 Extra Glass parts