Since their introduction into the aeromodelling world in the early 1980s Zenoah engines have become widely recognised as leaders in their class with unrivalled performance, reliability and compact design.

The first thing you will notice about the engines, apart from their compact design and light weight, is the clean die casting employed in their manufacture, the very wide, deep cooling fins on their cylinders clearly indicating the quality of their design and manufacture.

They are all fitted with trouble free Walboro carburettors which deliver a constant flow of consistently metered fuel to the engine through the combination of their strong, crankcase pressure driven pumps and extremely accurate regulators, indeed these engines are not critical to fuel tank location or affected by any amount of high G manoeuvring and throttle perfectly throughout the rev range.

The ZG38SC, ZG45 & 62SL, and ZG80B feature very efficient and completely reliable magneto/electronic ignition systems with automatic advance and retard.

The New ZG20 features a processor controlled electronic ingition from Zenoah while the New 45, 62 and 80PCI engines are supplied with the high quality Falcon system.

Your propellers are safely secured with the large single bolt to their very wide hub flange, avoiding the need to weaken them by drilling for multi-bolt hubs.

On the inside the quality of design and manufacture continues in the use of three piece, induction hardened steel crankshafts with double counter weights for optimal balancing, supported in two very robust bearings. The conrods are forged and hardened and have caged needle roller bearings at both ends. The lightened pistons have pegged rings to allow the cylinders optimised schneurle porting for maximum efficiency.

They are all designed to operate over a wide rev range and can turn large, efficient propellers with ease.

In use these engines perform faultlessly right from the start and continue to improve with running for the first fifty to a hundred flights, they are very economical to operate, running on inexpensive unleaded petrol, and last, and last, and last!

They are all supplied complete with mounts and silencers ready to use.

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