The full size Su26m appeared in 1984, having been designed in less than a year by the Sukhoi Experimental Design Bureau, with the aid of students from the Moscow Aviation Institute for world class aerobatics competition. It features many hi-tech construction materials and techniques, together with the trusty 360 HP m-14P Vedeneyev engine and 3 bladed Hoffman prop, as used in earlier YAK aircraft.
Being far smaller, lighter and stronger than its YAK predecessors, the performance of this new aircraft proved devastating, it has load limits of +12 and -10g, a roll rate of over 360 degrees per second and an almost ballistic rate of climb.
Indeed, since the 1986 World Aerobatics Championships in England, the Su26m has won almost every world class aerobatics contest.
Please Note - these kits are currently out of production, however the Su26 is currently being redisigned from the grass up in similar format to our very successful 30% scale CAP232. The new 30% & 35% versions should be available later this year.

The Kits:

Scale: 25% 30%
Span: 76" 91"
Length: 62" 74.5"
Cowl Width: 9.3/4" 11.3/4"
Cowl Length: 9" 11"
Wing Area: 1100sq.ins 1600sq.ins
Weight: 13-16lbs 19-21lbs
Engine: 25-50cc 62-74cc

The 25% scale version, when fitted with an ST3000, Zenoah 38, Quadra 42, or equivalent , with a Profilm finish will have an all up weight of 13.1/5 to 15lbs; will knife edge from horizon to horizon and complete between 2 and 4 vertical rolls. However, if the engine is replaced with a Zenoah 45 the performance can only be described as devastating...

The 30% scale prototype model, finished in Profilm and powered by a Zenoah 62 motor swinging a 24" x 10"propeller weighs in at around 19lbs-giving excellent all round performance - 4 to 5 vertical rolls, continuous knife edge and ultra slow landing and take off speeds, ideal for small field operation.

These models are very straight forward to fly, their thick blunt wing section producing very predictable stall characteristics - vital for precision aerobatics. They feature a relatively slow forward speed which, when combined with their powerful controls, makes those seemingly impossible manoeuvres possible. They will fly inverted as well as they do the right way up and knife edge continuously with little or no correction.


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