The New Pre-built 30 & 35% Scale Extras:

Scale: 30% 35%
Span: 90.5" 106"
Wing Area: 1470sq.ins 2000sq.ins
Engine: 50-62cc 85-100cc

These models are very close to scale in outline and feature shrouded scale hinging on all surfaces and have plug in wings and tails and removable rudders.

The 30% is based around the DA50 while the 35% uses the new DA85, both with internal canister setup.

Order through the web shop now and benefit from the special pre-season offer!

Here is a short video of an early prototype 30% version and some more detail pics.

And here is is 'hangin' around' on a breezy, chillie and muddy afternoon!

Also on Youtube... along with this Rough vid which shows a little more of what it's really like!

"Aeroplane flies superbly. Best 50 cc aerobatic aeroplane that I have flown and that includes the QQ Somenzini series amongst others. Next best thing to my 2 metre F3A models for accuracy, but a lot cheaper to run and operate. Unlimited vertical with the DA50 and Menz S 23x8. Great fun". - Bob Wasson Middlesborough


Engines can be mounted inverted with in cowl type silencers or sidewinder using our custom made headers and MTW canister exhausts.

Both models have provision for two tanks, 2 x 16oz in the 30% and 2 x 32oz in the 35%.

All surfaces are removable and feature shrouded scale hinging. Cnc machined Tufnol horns are designed to allow full 3d surface deflection.

Wings and tails plug in on carbon tubes and are supplied with bags.

Undercarriages rake forward as per the fullsize aircraft and have epoxyglass fairings.

Cowls have enlarged exit areas with raised edges to draw warm air out. This combined with the sloped undercarriage mounting plate and cut away main former provides very effective cooling maximising performance.

Scale Extra 330S : pre-built
Pre-season offer!
30% Scale Extra 330S pre-built - £475.00 delivery UK mainland - £16.70-
Out of Stock
30% 'Microlease' decal pack
35% Scale Extra 330S pre-built - £600.00 delivery UK mainland - £25.05-
35% 'Microlease' decal pack
MTW custom header, TD75K canister, telfon joiner and clips.(suits DA50/DLE55)
MTW custom header, TD115K canister, telfon joiner and clips.(suits DA85)
The full size EA 300S was first shown at the World Aerobatics Championships in Le Havre in 1992. A derivative of the popular and successful Extra range, beginning with the 200 HP single seat 230, itself a derivative of the American homebuilt Lazer 200, through to the 260, a more powerful 230 and the twin seat 300 - 300HP ubiquitous training, display and competition aircraft.
The latest 3ooS and 3ooL single and two seater, are low wing versions of the popular 300, they are slightly smaller, slightly lighter and with a greater rate of roll at 400 /second, and are very competitive; on par with the latest CAP and Sukhoi designs. All of these aircraft have been very successful in competition, featuring many modern construction techniques, notably, much use of carbon fibre, particularly in the wing design, its additional rigidity allowing for greater 'g' tolerance and faster rolling capability.
These models are very straightforward to fly, their wing section producing very predictable stall characteristics - vital for precision aerobatics. The Extra 300S/L fits nicely in between its Sukhoi and CAP rivals, it has almost all the accuracy of the Sukhoi, with a slightly higher thrustline, and just a little more penetration...IDEAL!


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