A development of our long established 30% scale CAP231ex our CAP232 has proved itself as an extremely versatile all round aerobatic workhorse in everything from IMAC competition flying, 3D display flying, and even as a successful glider tug! A new 35% version is also available.

30% and 35% versions have enlarged ailerons, improved shrouded scale hinging and setup for DA50/DA85 with internal canister...

Here's a cool video from Matt Cullen - 30%CAP232 - 18meg

Quick Spec:

  • Span: 87"
  • Length: 81.1/2" rudder to spinner
  • Wing Area: 1350 sq.ins
  • Engine: ZG62SL
  • Weight: approx 16-17.1/2lbs

Mudry, the company who until 1996 produced the full-size CAP designs, have created a long series of competition aircraft, from the original CAP20 through the CAP21, 230, 231, 231ex and finally to the 232 before finally ceasing business in 1996. Only fifteen of each aircraft were ever produced, each to the specific requirements of the particular customer. The company name continues with Domonic Roland at the head, however this new CAP company manufactures aircraft from other peoples designs. The CAP 222 is actually the American Giles aircraft.

For some time the modeling community believed that the wing on the CAP 231ex was the same wing as used on Walter Extras Extra 300 design. This was not the case, however, the wing was built by Walter Extra to the Mudry design. The later CAP 232 is in essence the same aircraft as the 231ex, the only significant change being the manufacture of the wing which had been passed to another French company.

The new 232 differs considerably from our previous range of very successful large scale aerobatic kits. It has been redesigned from the grass up to incorporate the finest materials and technology available today. This produces a model which is significantly lighter, more rigid, with greatly reduced rolling inertia than its predecessor, as well as being far easier to store and transport, yet still following our original design philosophy of being quick to build and easy to fly.

Our prototype 30% model is powered with a Zenoah 62 and has a Profilm finish. I have installed two five cell 950Mah battery packs with two switch harnesses and an SM Services backer. It has a ready to fly weight, (dry), of just 16.3/4lbs. As you can imagine the performance is superb!

The engine bulkhead and mounting box are machined ready to accept the Zenoah 62 or 45, to the correct length, thrust angle and offset, (when fitted with standard mount and 60mm prop driver), to make things as simple and quick to build as possible. 30% version also includes conversion pack to suit DA50/DLE55 with internal canister.

The design features;

  • All CNC machined, self jigging, built up construction.
  • Plug in wings.
  • Removable tailplane.
  • Removable surfaces
  • All scale hinging, allowing greater movement and improved linkage geometry for 3D type flying.

Laser cut from our CAD files, using the same European wood as our kits they are hand crafted and beautifully covered in Profilm, again to our specification, and are supplied complete with scale decals, applied where appropriate, pre-drilled alluminium undercarriage, epoxy glass parts, completed, painted ready to use, and high quality European hardware. Download additional Pre-built manual notes PDF.


30%Scale CAP232 - Coversion for DA50/DLE55 with internal canister.

30%Scale CAP232 - pre-built - With new shrouded scale hinging, wing and tail bags, new one piece cowl etc. - Currently out of stock.

Also includes conversion pack to suit DA50/DLE55 with internal canister.

delivery UK mainland - £16.70


MTW custom header, TD75K canister, telfon joiner and clips.(suits DA50/DLE55)


35% scale CAP - 101.5" span - 80 -111cc - Special Pre-season offer - £500

delivery UK mainland - £25.05

MTW custom header, TD115K canister, telfon joiner and clips.(suits DA85)

Test flight report 1st March 2000

Well, it flew exceptionally well. It was blowing a strong, blustery and freezing north/north westerly.

Brand new motor, filled up flick, flick, vroom, as always. Five minutes setting up followed by my usual range check with the motor running and the aerial down....great, no more excuses.

Open up, take off, go vertical....on, and on, and on,...hmmm trimming time, a few clicks here and there, aileron rate too low, elevator toooooo high, flick out the aileron rate switch and it's loads better. I can't do the same on elevator since I'll end up with 60 degrees of movement!

Settling down now, this is nice, really nice. It is obviously loads lighter than the original. It just moves around more easily. It starts and stops instantly, and the power is ridiculous....vertical roll, snap, roll, and on, and on, and on,...this is the business. Low rate rudder, down wind, 1/4 throttle, knife edging up into the vertical, more throttle pulls it around the top for a bit of a tumble down the 45 line...this is a laugh! Positive snap, negative snap...wow, that's just like the wee,(58"), one, I've cracked it! Torque rolls....so, so much easier, reduced momentum and all that making corrections much quicker etc...only problem is Iím below 1/4 throttle and itís still climbing! I try a few flat spins, itís incredible, they flatten out so easily and are completely controllable even at really low throttle settings, I like this one!

Time for landing. The clear blue sky and low bright winter sun make this really awkward, especially since the wind is gusting between strips and I've got a bit too much elevator....doddle, it's as light as a feather....

First flight in six months, first of this design, first of this century....I'm cold, it's time to head home....I'm chuffed with that....time to take some orders!



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