The now ubiquitous ZG62SL has, since its launch in 1985, become Europe’s most popular petrol engine, particularly in scale aerobatics, undoubtedly as a result of the company’s commitment to development.

It has several design features which also help to maintain its popularity. The exhaust port has a unique birds beak opening on its top side which reduces noise by preventing the port from opening suddenly over its full width, and the engines extremely short stroke minimises vibration and overall size.

1990 saw the launch of the new S cylinder giving a tremendous increase in power with an extra 200 RPM in the 6500 range, and when fitted with a tuned pipe, a staggering 6.6HP at 8,400RPM.

The latest ZG62SL now features a die cast crankcase which is some 50gms lighter than the original sand cast version making it by far the lightest, and most powerful engine in its class. It is a perfect match for our 30% Scale CAP232 and our new 111" Maule design.

Supplied complete with mount and standard silencer.

100002 Please see web shop or email for current price.

100015 extra if supplied with 60mm prop driver
Capacity: 62cc
Bore: 47.5mm
Stroke: 35mm
Power (std. Exh)

4.7PS(5.6 open)

Length (inc.mount) 162mm
Height (inc.plug cap) 175mm
Weight (inc.exh) 5lbs



New PCI version of the ZG62SL gives lower tickover speed with a clean pickup and very easy starting.

The Falcon ignition system is extremely robust. It requires a 4.8v nicad or nimh battery of around 1400mah, is protected against reverse polarity and has the added safety feature of an automatic cutout of not triggered within 60 seconds.

Supplied complete with mount, Falcon ignition System, and standard silencers.

Ignition switch and battery NOT supplied.

100092 Please see web shop or email for current price.

Magneto to PCI Conversion kit for ZG45/62 including special tools.

107781 Please email or call for current price.

Conversion instructions


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