At last we have test flown the new ZG20 in our Pre-Built 68" CAP 232 and the performance is fantastic!

It has proved itself to be a perfect match for both the CAP and Extra designs, very low weight and truly unlimited vertical! The model has come out at a couple of ounces over 8lbs. The engine box and cowl are full length with the elevator servos mounted in the conventional location on the rails inside the fuselage.

Although the ZG20 doesn't have the power of the ZG26 it is a lot lighter. If used with a single cell 2450mah lipoly (part no 102025) it is a full 500gms lighter!

I am running an APC17x8N prop on the Cap and the vertical performance easily equals that of the same model with the ZG26 fitted however that is not's just over 1lb lighter so the low speed handling is 'half a bag of sugar' better!

I have no doubt that this combination will satisfy the most power hungry flyers out there, I'm delighted with it!

More details will follow shortly.

Sports Scale Extra 330S
Sports Scale CAP232