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92" Maule with ZG26 - classic Maule STOL capability!

I have had a love affair with this aircraft for many, many years. Not only do I love its looks with its striking features and subtle curves, I also love its incredible versatility and functionality. Indeed this makes a model which in my opinion, has something for everyone...

Here are some interesting Maule web sites;

Do a search on Maule on this site and you will find some fantastic pics of them in action!

Here's a great piece of Maule-madness!!! on YouTube.

Here's how to take off and here's how to land it!

Nice, nice side slip landing!

And here's one that makes me want to go and fly my Maule!


Classic lines - 74" Maule in generic scale scheme
With its fantastic STOL capability thanks to huge flaps and crow braking, it makes an ideal glider tug, camera ship, floatplane, trainer, sports or 3D aerobatic model!
74" Maule with ZG20 maiden flight  just after the 'lucky' wheel fell off!
The full-size aircraft has had many variants over the years. I have taken what I consider to be the most interesting features and combined them into a sports scale design initially in three sizes supporting engines from 0.40 glow to 85cc petrol.
Nice lines...
The 74" Maule with an Irvine53 is nice. It'll manage a clean vertical roll and stall turn from the top and copes with all standard aerobatics including excellent knife edge, both straight and level and up into vertical...with a bit of thumb twiddling it'll probably knife edge loop!
Nice lines...
Turn down the movements, drop a touch of flap and you can waft around the strip crop dusting. Then, turn them up and mix in the flaps with the ailerons and it's crisp aerobatics!

With the ZG20 (see pics) it's as above, with unlimited vertical and will torque roll all day!

Torque rolls!
Large cooling exit area on  cowl, concealed aileron and flap servos and linkages...
Incorporating a large lipped cooling exit in the cowl combined with cutaway formers and ducting makes for ideal engine cooling in a hard working tug or 3D aerobatic model.
Snug ZG20 instalation in 74"
Cut away front formers to  help duct cooling air  from the cowl
Snug ZG20 installation in 74"
Another flypast...
74" - 950 sq.ins wing area - 40-120 glow - ideal with ZG20

92" - Almost 1500 sq.ins wing area - 120 glow - 55cc petrol ideal with ZG26, DLE30, ZG38, ZG45 or DLE55.

111"- Massive 2100 sq.ins of wing area - 45-85cc ideal with ZG45, DLE55 or ZG62.

Fuselages during production

As with all of our Pre-built models the Maules are built from European plywood, which we have shipped to the factory. All parts are laser cut from our cut files.

Should you ever need it we can supply spare parts right down to individual wooden components.

Removable tailplane detail on the 92" and 111" versions. These plug in on carbon tubes, secured to brackets on the fuselage and supported by struts on the underside.

Wings are two piece with carbon tube joiners.

Full span ailerons and flaps feature our new composite hinge system with 40 degree movement and internal linkages.

Epoxy glass wing tips are pre-fitted and covered, very light and very tough.

Wing struts are covered hardwood on the 74" model and streamline sectioned aluminum on the bigger models.

Fuselages ready to pack. Covered in Oracover, (Profilm), in generic scheme ready for you to customize.





Length to front of cowl - depending on engine fitted.
51.5" - 54"
40-120 glow - ZG20 or DLE30
ZG26, DLE30 ZG38, ZG45 or DLE55.
ZG45, DLE55 or ZG62.

Here's some test flight video - low res and needs editing but gives a fair idea of performance of the 74" model with the ZG20 - 74"Maule with ZG20

You can download the .rm player here - RealPlayer


Order yours through the web shop now!

Here is the first draft of the assembly assembly manual .pdf


Sports Scale Maule Skyrocket : pre-built
74" - pre-built - £235.00 delivery UK mainland - £8.35-
Sorry now out of stock.
92" - pre-built - £345.00 delivery UK mainland - £16.70
Sorry now out of stock.
111" - pre-built - £455.00 delivery UK mainland - £25.05
Sorry now out of stock.

At 14.1/2lbs with ZG45SL the performance of the 92" Maule is spectacular - here's some recent video - 92" Maule with ZG45SL

Here's another short clip - 1st aerotow.

The Maules are being well received;

"I have got a grin from ear to ear....The plane is everything I had hoped for... just like the video of the smaller version... the ZG45 is awesome in this plane.... lands like a pussycat even in blustery wind!" - D.Singer 92" Maule + ZG45

"best flying plane I have ever owned - even my 30% Glens Cap and that was a stunner!!" - D.Banks 74" Maule + ZG20

"I have completed my Maule and flew it for the first time on Sunday...It was every bit as good as you said it would be, just a great plane to fly....Many thanks for producing a great model."

You can see some photos on my club website. - Ian Forrest 74" Maule + ZG20

Available soon...
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