Prototype models powered by Zenoah 26cc engine and covered with Profilm. Required 4 channel radio with 6 servos.

Span 68"
Area 816 sq.ins

90-135 2T, 120- 150 4T, Zenoah 20 or 26cc

Weight 8.1/2 - 9.1/2lbs


Kit version of this model can be made to order however the pre-built version is no longer available as it has now been replaced by the

NEW2010 version.

This new Extra330S kit has been painstakingly developed over several years alongside our very successful CAP232 designs. The machined components have been produced by state of the art CNC machinery, designed and engineered in house. These new techniques have also been utilised in the production of the various moulds and tooling required to bring it into production.
The full size Extra330S is a developement on the 300S. It is still single seat and low wing but features enlarged control surfaces and increased power specificaly for 3D model type flying. Now you can enjoy a model with the accuracy of a pattern model and the agility of a fun fly! Its ultra light weight and CNC ensured accuracy combine to produce a model which is quick to build and great to fly,from docile low speed handling to unlimited freestyle!
This model is close to scale, (23.5%), in both outline and flying characteristics and will fly well with a variety of power plants, most of which will fit inside its large cowl with standard silencers fitted. It is intended to be both quick and accurate to build and robust to operate. To this end every effort has been made to utilise the latest technology both in design and production, together with selection of the finest materials available ensuring that it not only meet these criteria today, but also continues to do so throughout its life in production. Above all it is intended to be fun, to build and to fly, whether it's your second model or your hundred and second!

This model will come as a pleasant surprise to many pilots. It has amazing manoeuvrability and yet will fly incredibly slowly due to its low wing loading. Its carefully thought out design makes it very crisp and accurate to fly, partly due to its low inertia and partly due to its incredible rigidity.It will float around at scale like speeds and yet when asked to perform a snap and a half starting and stopping perfectly on line it responds in the blink of an eye - unfazed - positive or negative!

The extra, with it's slightly higher wing, and lower tailplane is a little more accurate to fly than the CAP and the 330S version with enlarged elevators and rudder over previous extras make 3D flying a real possibility!

This 68" version will fly well on a good ninety two stroke or 120 four stroke or be fantastic with a 108 two stroke or 150 four stroke. Or, if you fancy moving up to petrol power is ideally suited to the Zenoah ZG26SC, which provides truly unlimited vertical performance! More recently the new ZG20 has proved to be a fantastic powerplant for it giving the same unlimited vertical performance but having even better low speed handling due to its very low weight!

Happy landings, keep working on those torque rolls!

  • Light and accurate CNC machined construction
  • Well thought out design
  • Scale appearance
  • Incredible scale like flight performance
  • Durable epoxy glass cowl and spats
  • Complete accessory pack, including wheels, and linkages.
  • Now available Pre-built -
    Comprehensive accessory pack including linkages, tailwheel, main wheels, and hardware is not shown in the pic but is included along with a lightly tinted canopy.
    We are now able to offer our Sports Scale designs pre-built. These are manufactured to our specification are as near as is practical to our kit designs and utilise the same materials and techniques wherever possible.
    We offer full spares backup and have can supply wooden parts should you ever require them to carry out a repair!
    Comprehensive accessory pack including linkages, tailwheel, main wheels, and hardware is not shown in the pic but is included along with a lightly tinted canopy.
    Laser cut from our CAD files, using the same European wood as our kits they are hand crafted and beautifully covered in Profilm, again to our specification, and are supplied complete with scale decals, applied where appropriate, pre-drilled alluminium undercarriage, epoxy glass parts, completed, painted ready to use, and high quality European hardware. Download additional Pre-built manual notes PDF.

    Sports Scale Extra 330S - 68" - pre-built - now features enlarged ailerons for improved low speed and 3d control

    NOW OUT OF STOCK - Replaced by NEW 2010 version...



    Replacement Parts - Pre-built
    Fuselage kit 269201 £70.00
    Wing Kit 269202 £70.00
    Epoxyglass Cowl 269203 £45.00
    Canopy 268204 £14.00
    Epoxyglass spats 258105 £12.00
    Epoxyglass undercarriage 268206 £16.00

    Kit Form : -

    All wood parts CNC manufactured, from top quality 2mm ceiba lite ply and balsa.

    Epoxy glass cowl and spats which are very durable and lightweight.

    Epoxy glass undercarriage, which is extremely light, flexible and strong. Large vacuum formed clear canopy.

    Comprehensive accessory pack including linkages, fuel tank, tailwheel, main wheels, hardware and engine mount.

    Sports Scale Extra 330S - 68" Kit 268200 149.50
    Decal Pack with 3-view drawing 268290 20.00
    Replacement Parts - kit
    Fuselage kit 268201 £50.00
    Wing Kit 268202 £50.00
    Epoxyglass Cowl 268203 £25.00
    Canopy 268204 £14.00
    Epoxyglass spats 258105 £12.00
    Epoxyglass undercarriage 268206 £16.00


    All prices in GBP including 20% UK VAT. We reserve the right to alter prices and specifications without prior notice.