DA engines achieve their high power with a tuned silencer system, as is the case with all high performance engines.

The large volume and the compact construction (large volume with small surface area) make these silencer units especially quiet. They are made from thin-wall stainless steel tubing, Laser welded and highly polished. The use of stainless steel throughout makes them extremely robust and lightweight.

Stainless steel is considered superior to aluminium in two ways, stainless alloys can withstand much higher temperatures and are very much tougher.

To give an example, the header fixing screws can be firmly tightened down and do not need to be tightened regularly as is the case with aluminium. Also stainless can withstand constant oscillation and vibration that exhaust system must live with far better.

Stainless steel silencers have a very long life, exceeding other metals.

The higher specific weight is compensated by the thinner wall thickness that can be used. The only disadvantages are the higher cost of stainless andits extreme toughness making it more difficult to work with.

We can also supply a variety of header and canister combinations from other suppliers, please email or call with your requirements.

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Stainless Steel Canister Silencers
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DA50-R, DA100(2 req'd)

weight - 310g



DA150(2 req'd)

weight - 430g


Stainless Steel Manifolds - Light and extremely strong headers made from stainless tubing 25x0.5mm. The close fitting headers of the twin cylinder engine can be fitted inclining to the centre or the outside. - Please see web shop for prices

DA 50-R, header close, angled
to the left ......... 105575  
to the right ....... 105576 

weight 80g

DA 100, header close, angled
left and right ...... 105575&6 

weight pair - 190g

DA 150, header close, angled
left and right ...... 105875&6 

weight pair - 160g

DA 50-R, normal header
....... 105577

weight 105g

DA 100, normal header
pair....... 105777 

weight pair - 220g

DA 150, normal header
pair....... 105877 

weight pair - 220g

DA 100, wide header
pair....... 105778 

weight pair - 250g

DA 150, wide header
pair....... 105878 

weight pair - 250g

Exhaust Flanges - Laser cut from 3 mm stainless steel to make headers. - Please see web shop for prices

DA50-R and DA100 ..... 105771
DA150 ..... 105871
Teflon Joining Tube - for joining manifolds to silencers - Please see web shop for prices
Teflon tube 25mm I/D, 10cm ..... 103897
Clips to suit Teflon tube 1off ..... 103899
Prop drill jigs - Please see web shop for prices

DA50-R ..... 105590

DA100 & DA150..... 105690

Please see web shop for prices

Original DA Fuel Dot

DA50-R ..... 105585

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All prices in GBP including 20% UK VAT. We reserve the right to alter prices and specifications without prior notice.