Smaller models can now enjoy reliable DA Power. The DA-50-R is the perfect choice for 14-18 lb aircraft.


Capacity: 50 ccm

Bore: 42.6 mm

Stroke: 35 mm

Power: 5 hp

Weight: 1330 g with Ignition: 1470 g

Menz S Propeller: 2-Blade: 22x10, 24x8


DA50R .......... 105500 complete with ignition

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5 year European warranty

Full repair, and spares backup.

Low weight and high power due to unbelievably compact crankcase.


Each crankcase CNC machined from aircraft quality aluminium alloy.


Long conrod with piston pin located very near to piston crown, considerably reducing side loads.


Rear intake with 4 leaf flutter valves.


Unusually low vibration due to computer simulation aided design.

The DA 50-R is a high performance computer designed model aircraft engine.All components, without exception, have been designed by DA without compromise, and are made by specialist firms exclusively for this DA engine.

The crankcase is unbelievably compact and very light, only possible due to the single counter balance weight on the crankshaft.
Each crankcase is CNC machined from the solid, using aircraft alloy 7075-T6. In comparison to die casting, a very costly process in time and material. A system that moreover has the advantage of a perfect fit and an absolute correct alignment of the main bearings, plus extreme rigidity and strength. All very decisive requirements for an extremely high performance engine with very close tolerances throughout.
Rear view of the DA 50-R. The standoff mounts are supplied with the engine.
The long aluminium alloy conrod plus the gudgeon pin being mounted close to the piston crown allows the high torque to be transferred without undue sideloads. This all reduces friction and wear while ensuring maximum power. The very low crankcase volume plus the intake flutter valves is the reason for this engines high performance. The DA 50-R when fitted with a custom designed silencer system will produce power equivalent to any 60cc engine.
The reliable Desert Aircraft Battery ignition unit has of course automatic advance and retard that makes starting so very easy, and ensures maximum possible power. This unit is completely screened.

The piston, conrod and crankshaft has been designed with a computer simulation programme. These parts are perfectly balanced and harmonized to each other. In spite of only one crankshaft balance weight the vibration levels are extremely low. With itís very neat and gleaming exterior it seems a pity to hide this engine under a cowl.

DA50R .......... 105500 - complete with ignition

5 year European warranty

Full repair, and spares backup.

Please email or call for current price.


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